Children’s Eye Exams

Daniel or Rohana will guide you through a comprehensive examination with no rush. This usually takes around 20 minutes. We’ll explore every aspect of your eye health, not just your vision.

Myopia Control

We offer comprehensive services for our younger patients too; from Tomato Frames for little ones to Myopia Control Spectacles which are proven to reduce the progression of short-sightedness.

If your child’s myopia is increasing or if he or she has some of the risk factors for myopia, think about having a myopia management consultation. The consultation is designed to assess ocular factors and treatment options related to myopia progression. MiYOSMART lenses have won international industry awards. The benefit of spectacle based myopia management is that there is no need to put anything in the eyes and kids find it very easy adapt from standard spectacle lenses to MiYOSMART.

Free NHS Eye Tests

You could be entitled to a free eye test if:

  • You’re under the age of 16, or 16-18 and in full-time
  • education
  • You’re over 60
  • You (or a close family member) have been diagnosed with glaucoma
  • You’re registered blind or partially sighted
  • You claim benefits
  • You’re entitled to Complex Lens Vouchers or hold an HC2 or HC3 certificate.

Contact us, to find out if you’re eligible and we’ll be more than happy to help!